A Free Community Event at McLean Park, near Hawks & Keefer

The 6th Annual Strathcona Festival


A Big Thank You

The Strathcona Harvest Festival is a celebration of Community; and in that spirit, countless volunteers, businesses and families have donated time, resources and enthusiasm to bring the event to fruition.

Special Thanks to the Harvest Festival organizers & volunteers: Francesca, Milisa, Anna, Zoe, Yee Jee, Alexis, Danielle, Heidi, Boyd, Marc, Benedict, Nicola, Caitlin, Julia, John, Anika, Christine, Joy, Ron, Britannia's Latin American Youth Group, Strathcona Community Centre Youth Leaders, 4Cats Art Studio Commercial Drive, all community exhibitors & raffle donors, all pie makers & judges, to everyone who supports the SCC Food Security Programs by buying raffle tickets or slices of pie and to all the children who helped paint posters, decorate and entertain us.

Special thanks go to the following community organizations and foundations for their support and funding (excerpts from their respective websites):

Strathcona Community Centre

"The Strathcona Community Centre is located in one of Vancouver's oldest neighbourhoods. We have been serving the community with recreational services for over 35 years.

We provide a variety of services: licensed childcare, preschool, children, youth, adult, fitness centre and seniors programs.

We are also one of the few community centres that have a Breakfast and Food Security program for children.

The Strathcona Community Centre is jointly operated by the Vancouver Park Board and the Strathcona Community Centre Association."

Vancouver Foundation

"Vancouver Foundation is Canada's largest and one of its oldest community foundations. Its mission is to create positive and lasting impacts in communities. It does this by bringing together generous donors (large and small, individuals, groups and corporations) and linking their contributions to important work that addresses the needs and improves the lives of communities across the province.

Today, the Foundation manages an endowment worth approximately $665 million. In 2008, the interest from that endowment allowed the Foundation to distribute $60 million to communities. To find out more visit: www.vancouverfoundation.ca"