A Free Community Event at McLean Park, near Hawks & Keefer

The 6th Annual Strathcona Festival


Noon to 4pm
Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

The 6th Annual Strathcona Harvest Festival is almost upon us! This year we are focusing on celebrating the harvest: growing, raising, preparing and most importantly, sharing food.  We are want to share lots of homemade and locally grown food with you.

Strathcona is well known to be one of the greatest places to live - anywhere. A big part of that is the singularly caring and involved community of friends and neighbours who live here. The Strathcona Harvest Festival brings people together in celebration of this. It is a fun-filled, all ages event with opportunities to learn, meet people, experience new music & local talent, contribute to philanthropic causes, make things with your children, enjoy great food, and much, much more. 

This is also a fundraising event to support the Strathcona Elementary School’s Farm-To-Table Program. 

Mark the date in your calendar, find out what the Harvest Festival is all About, Contact Us with questions or suggestions, and most of all - come ready to celebrate:)